Animation disappeared in drawings, there are only empty frames

Hello everyone!
I have some troubles with displaying drawings in frames in Toon Boom Harmony 10.0. I drew animation, but in one moment it disappeared: now there are only empty frames without any animation in drawings.
-I tried to select area in camera, there were notning
-I tried to attach empty drawing to another composition, no results
-I tried to recover files with R-studio, no results
Did somebody have this problem? Or maybe even solve?

attach image that shows the problem include the camera view, library, node view and timeline or xsheet. so every one will know what the problem is.

I I have the same issue and was looking for the alternative solution.
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Are you able to see the drawing in the Drawing View?

If you are, you likely resized or moved the element away from
the camera. Select the element and in the “Layer Properties”
window remove the scale and position info from the element.

No, no, I checked this version. Also I tried to roll numbers in “Hide Data View” to find my animation, but again it was not there.

This bug happened in Animate Pro 3 as well.

As soon as this happens, save your project and close it, then cross your fingers. Those drawings should appear next time you open your project if you didn’t tamper with the seemingly empty drawings.

there must be a problem in the element folders in your harmony file. The solution might come out painstaking. Create a backup of the harmony folder before you do this. Open each folder of each element, make sure there is a .tvg file without the ~ in it. That is the only solution I know of.