Animation crashed, everything but drawings present

My animation crashed while I was working on it. When I reopened the project none of my drawings appeared on the stage. My node editor and animation still appeared to be intact however.

The artwork is still in the library, I can find it in my file under the elements, but it still won’t appear on stage.

Is there a way that I can re-import my drawings and save my animation? It’s due tomorrow and I really can’t afford to start over.

How frequently were you saving the project file as you worked on it?

Try looking inside the project folder for a file with the same project name except that it has a tilda ~ on the end. Make a copy of this file. Rename the original labeling it as the original. Once the original has the added demarcation as the original rename the copy so it has the original name without the tilda.

At this stage you should have the original safely renamed and set aside plus you will have a copy bearing the name of the original file. Now try opening the copy -not the original.

This is just a safety measure. You can make more copies from the original to experiment with. It may or may not matter in every case but as a general rule always experiment using a copy rather than the original so you leave the original in tact.

Good luck