Animation building up from the ground

Starting with a single horizon line, the city would begin building up from the ground. There are about 15 buildings in the drawing. Each building would be coming up at different rates. I’m going for somewhat of a realistic style in terms of the pace.

Again starting with a single horizon line, the city would be “pulled” up from the ground, not uniformly, but being yanked in various directions, like the way you would spread out silly putty or dough. As the city was building up, it would be deforming in all directions and then arrive at the finished drawing.

I have thought about how to achieve the time lapse look, and all I can come up with is to do it in reverse: erase each line of my finished city drawing and consider each one of those new drawings a single frame for terminal bus. But this sounds insane to me. What do you think?

wow that’s great you will place in that animation as an example of something more modern. I think you’re crazy. But if it comes out it will be amazing