Animating Your Puppet (Ballerina) Tutorial

I have viewed the kickstart videos a number of times and read the documentation for the tutorial, but I can not follow the instructions and make it work.

The problems are:

1, The sample file has seven different poses or drawing. Do I delete all but the first one before I start the animate tutorial?

2, The sample file seems to already have a master peg layer, but the tutorial says to create one; do I need two pegs; is the proper peg already created; what do I do here?

3. WHen I delete the other six drawings, extend the exposure of the first drawing for ten frames or so, go th the first frame, enable the animate button, pose the puppet, go to the tenth frame and pose again it does not create any in between motion. It just jumps to the new pose on the tenth frame.

The level of frustration on this tutorial spoils the learning experience. Please help if you have found solutions to this tutorial. :’(

  1. Yes.

    2. You do not need another master peg - but you can add one if you would like a peg to serve a different function - i.e. sometimes you might want to have one peg just for translation, one for rotation, or something like that. Just giving you an idea, but no, you don’t actually need one.

    3. It sounds like it has created a Stop-Motion keyframe instead of a motion keyframe. Select your keyframes in the timeline, then right-click and say “Set Motion Keyframe”.

    Similar complaints to yours are why the kickstart tutorials were removed and there’s now a new set of tutorials available on the website that you might want to check out. These new tutorials should be much more in-depth and step by step.