Animating Without Black Outline


I am currently learning Toon Boom and I’ve been taking in numerous tutorials, but one I can’t seem to find support on is removing black outlines. I’m working on a project and I really want it to pop, so to speak. I love the animation in shows like Samurai Jack and Carmen Sandiego, and I’m wondering what is the best way to remove black outlines around the characters.

Thank you so much for your support.

Based on the question, it sounds like you will not be freehand drawing and instead be using paperdoll / cut-out characters, correct?

One approach is to make lines and fills the same color.

With any style, lined and sans lined, varying amounts of adaptation will be required depending on the characters, their rig, their pose and motion of the moment.

You can make the line size 0 if its pencil. Its easy to do across a whole character build.

Well, you might like and start drawing without lines in the first place ?

Select the Stroke Tool - option+v
Hit the - k-key - Show Strokes

Start drawing.

You mean: find easy way to hide the outline?
there are many ways to do this,
Method 1:
use Colour-Override node in node view and set the color of the contour line to not be displayed.