Animating with Bones Guide ?

Hey all,

I’m new to toon boom studios. Got my pen tablet and so far I love it. This is my first time with any animation software, and so far I think i’m learning pretty quick.

One thing i’m curious about though is how much traditional animation I can replace with bone animation. I’m an amateur and I just want to make smooth enjoyable cartoons for friends and family. Does anyone have some sort of guide or tutorial on how I can get the timing and motions right for things like running, walking, etc?

Thanks for reading

Here is a post covering a broad range of sources.

If you have a decent internet connection try searching for “Toon Boom Studio Bones tutorials” using Youtube’s search field or Google’s but select videos not web. It does not really matter which version the tutorial is using. If you have Bones in your version the tutorial will provide enough useful information. No matter how informal/unprofessional the tutorial there is always something to gain from them. When different people explain the same thing there is bound to be something that you see differently that helps in the overall understanding of the software and the tool. I have even watched tutorials done in a foreign language I do not understand, of course after I had exhausted all of those done in English.

This might work: