animating transparency trouble

I’m having a hard time animating transparency/a gradual fade. When I go into the effect to adjust the value it lets me adjust it once, but then it locks so I can’t add a key with a different value to animate into.

I attached an image, has anyone had this problem? Any help would be super appreciated, getting kinda frustrated.



Today GIFs are usually done in Macromedia Fireworks or Adobe Imageready, from my experience in making them.

Hi ShiraHabs,

Which level of Harmony are you using? I believe the following works with all three levels:

Do you have at least two keyframes in the Timeline for the transparency layer? You need a keyframe for each extreme for instance if this is a linear transition from A to Z. You can adjust the amount of transparency in the Timeline under “Parameters” when you select the keyframe. You do not make this adjustment in the window you have shown in your image. That window in your image is the Transparency Layer Properties but the actual animating of that layer is done with the keyframes.

You would select the first keyframe and give it 0 transparency. You would select the keyframe marking the most extreme transparency degree and give it 75 if you want it to be a ghost or 100 if you want it to disappear, for example. You can use any amount you need to suit your desired effect.

Note: What you can do in that window shown in your image is give the transition an ease in/out.

Also, I used Motion Keyframes when I mocked up a test before making this post.