Animating techniques?

I have a really important question. I have been animating every now and then with toon boom studio 4.5 and i really enjoy it. My animations are ok but I noticed that my animations look a little off. Its because when I animate I make each drawing in each frame by hand with a tablet and as any of you can guess the pictures dont match up and end up making the characters in the animation look like their skin is vibrating, if you can visualize what im talking about. Does any one know a way to make them stay still as they move like spongebob or fairly odd parents style, because i fell like the way i am doing it is very rookie- like. Sorry if this question may confuse you but its hard to explain whats happening unless you see it.

You could try cut-out animation or you may find limited animation easier to master. By limited, I mean breaking your character work up into layers where the only drawing changes occur for the part of the character that actually moves. The non-changing parts are on separate layers and they are held constant. Most cartoon animation like Sponge Bob is done using the limited technique. This approach will definitely get rid of the wiggles (Ed, Ed and Eddie look you describe). -JK