Animating storybook illustrations?

I was wondering if there was a way of some sort to animate illustrations from a children’s storybook in Toon Boom Studio? (complete newbie here)
And I don’t mean FULLY animate them, but add very simple limited animation effects to them (like eyes blinking, sliding them up and down against a different background, etc.) like the old Golden Book Home Video releases of the mid-1980s:

Could this be done using the Toon Boom Studio software, or would a more simple program be required?

TBS would be ideal for that purpose. You can import images from Photoshop and do simple Presentation Animation using Key Frames. Features like cut out puppets and bone morphing also support this approach. -JK

Here are some links that may help you get a better idea of how to proceed.

Intro To Photo Cut Out Part 1

Intro To Photo Cut Out Part 2