Animating something small, but with detail

Hey- so, I’m working on a hand drawn scene and one of the characters is pretty far from the “camera”. I was wondering if there’s a way to animate closer to the character in what would be Z space so I’m not trying to draw with a .1 or smaller brush. I know this is possible, but admittedly, I’m newer at this side of Harmony.

I need to be able to maintain perspective with the layout image, so I can’t just draw it at full scale and then transform it down to fit…

Does that make sense?


I probably didn’t explain myself very well. I had to zoom in because the character is relatively small in the scene, so the brush size I have to use is 1 or smaller-- I’d like to be able to animate larger and then transform the character down… I just don’t know how to do that and maintain it’s place in the layout. Or if that’s the best option… or maybe I’m looking for a largely useless feature :\

Does that make sense? It’s easy to show but not really explain :stuck_out_tongue: haha

You used “animate” closer to screen but the rest seems to be speaking of the drawing stage. If drawing have you tried using zoom? (meaning, zoom the workspace/view not camera zoom). You could have a 2nd scene view open (reduced in size) to reference the relevant scale.