Animating simple-shape characters with deform.

Hello there. I’m pretty new to animation and toonboom in general.

I’ll admit I’m struggling with some of the nuances of the UI, for instance my experiments with the deform tool have not gone well, in terms of trying to edit the bones or bezier handles once I’ve placed them.

Anyway, what I’d love to know, before I invest a lot of time into learning the intricacies of the deform tool, is whether someone could tell me the best way to animate this simple dragons neck/head (Image attached). Because of the simple line work, I’m obviously running into problems of the curves being broken into vertices or sharper uglier lines when I try to animate with cutout transformations.

Before I make a series of frame by frame drawing substitutions for the neck, I was wondering if the deform tool could potentially tween the neck, enough to animate a’ head bob’ while walking, and maintain the curves realistically, without altering too much of the body or head respectively. Any tips on this would be appreciated :slight_smile:

nevermind, worked it out.