Animating scaling

I just want to make a box get bigger until it takes up the whole screen. What’s the quickest way to do that?
Pls help Im under massive time pressure and I feel stupid for getting stuck on such a small problem.

(I tried ‘tweening’ and using pegs and stuff but it just skewed the box)

Hi June,

Using the Transform tool and the Animate mode is the quickest way. You probably grabbed the Skew controls instead of the Scale controls.




I hope this helps,


Thanks for the articles. I tried following them but it just moves the box around, but doesn’t get bigger. I managed to scale it but then the beginning frame completely changed as well, so the animation is a little off, and then I try to fix that but then end frame changes as well? It’s very confusing and tedious.

Hi June,

Is your Animate mode on? Did you insert a keyframe on the first and last frame before scaling your last frame?
Make sure your layers to be animate have a keyframes before moving it. It’s safer than letting Harmony automatically create keyframes on only some of the parameters. It can cause certain poses to move.

The box definitely should get bigger. Could you post a screenshot of your UI? Maybe there is something disabled.