animating plain drawings vs animating symbols

after doing symbols animation for a few months i decided to try the same with plain drawings. after testing the hierarchies and parenting in the inverse kinematics mode i can’t see any significant difference.

are there any, apart from the possibility to store the parts in the library?

In terms of animation, it’s not very different. I personally think it’s easier not to work with symbols, because you don’t have to go inside the symbol every time you want to make a change to the drawing or to the pivot.

One situation in which I would want to use symbols, though, is for example when I’m animating a cut-out character and I want to use patches to cover up the joints. Putting the patch and the arm in a symbol together makes it easier to animate because I don’t accidentally grab the patch instead of the arm when I click with the transform tool.

Also, you can always store your character in the library as a template, so you don’t strictly need to use symbols.

Anyone else have any feedback on the difference between using drawings and symbols?

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