Animating pen strokes

Can you help me about animating pen strokes? What I mean to say is to draw a pen stroke at frame 1 and add a keyframe at 25 (for example) with the pen stroke changed and Toonboom calculates the inbetweenings. Is it possible?
Thanks and sorry my bad english


In TBS tweening or interpolations of changes over time is implemented by using “pegs”. If you have a element which you want Toon Boom to tween between two keys you attach that element to a peg. Be sure you also go to the menu and set the command Element > Peg > Set Non Constant Segment. This tells Toon Boom you want it to create a tween between the keys. Also be sure you extend the pegs exposure to match the exposure of the element at least for the time duration of the exposure between the two keys you want tweened. One of the many uses of pegs in TBS is to facilitate tweening. -JK

Sorry, What I want is changing the shape of stroke (no scale, rotate, etc) I want to animate vectors that conforms the lines. You know, transform the shape using vectors



If you are trying to do shape tweening, I am not sure if that is supported as a feature of Toon Boom. It is a feature of Flash. I would be interested to hear if there is a way to shape tween in Toon Boom, I read the manual from cover to cover and it is not referenced. Motion tweening is implemented through pegs, but as I said there is no reference to shape tweening specifically. It is sometimes referred to as morphing and it may only be available in a higher level product like SOLO. -JK

no, sorry. one has to draw all the frames.

Well, let´s draw ;D

thanks to all

Víctor 8)

you could eventually take one stroke and modify it in the new frames, each time copying the last one into the very next frame. and don’t forget to switch the onion skin on :wink:

I know this isn’t what you want to hear but it’s a solution. If you plan to have a shape morph, use Flash to create the object(s) you plan to morph. Save the result as a flash movie. Now go into TBS and import the flash movie. You’ll then be able to use the features of TBS using the imported morphed flash animation.

There are several other programs that you could use to create the morph, Moho, Solo etc.

I’ve been hoping for Morphs and Bones in TBS for a while now but with Solo having these features I don’t know if they will be added to TBS. Solo looks like a WONDERFUL product but it’s price puts it WAY out of range for the Non professional studio. To bad Solo isn’t around $800, sigh… :-\

To morphing the stroke shape Flash is caotic ???, but Moho works right, although Toon Boom is great for the classic 2d animation in wich I was working on for years

This effect is not for traditional animation, of course, but

Is a good but slow way. Thanks