Animating Pegs

I’m having trouble animating a jpeg prop when combined with a drawing element and a camera move. I thought by putting another drawing/peg move above the first drawing/peg move would solve the problem. But I think, because its a jpeg, nothing can be placed above that level and be seen.

Here’s the scene, Camera pan/ zoom into a sign on a tractor(jpeg tractor)Level 1, drawing enters, turns around to viewer. Switch to level 2; Drawing level above the first level, so Level 1 can move away at a different rate as camera moves away from level 2. Hopefully giving a depth effect to the scene.

Instead: When Level 2 switches, we can only see level 1 jpeg camera move.

If you need a visual of the scene, let me know and I will put it on my blogsite.

My only fix might be to render out the different elements and compusite them in After Effects.

Any ideas would be helpful, thanks


A JPEG image is not transparent, you could take that image and save it with a transparent background in a PNG and then import the PNG to a drawing element vectorized with texture to help make it easier to animate. Check this tutorial to better understand the import an vectorize with texture functionality. -JK

Intro To Photo Cut-Out Animation