Animating peg problem

Hi guys!
I’m trying to animate a character at toonboom, but everytime I create a keyframe on the peg layer, it automatically creates new drawing blocks at the child drawing layer. I’ve already watched a bunch of video tutorial and stuff, but I couldn’t find how to chance it…
Is it normal? The library section is getting full of the same drawings and its becoming a real problem…


to possibly fix this, go to preferences and deselect Element Node Animate Using Animation Tools Default Mode Value, do this or do this before you make a cut-out character, this will prevent keyframes from being made with drawing layers when you animate pegs, drawing layers will be animated but only peg layers will have keyframes

Hey Patyhikari,

Are you key framing using F6? Which version of the software are you using?

Hi hlapointe!

I’m using Harmony 10.0 and yes, keyframing usin F6 …