animating on a dark background image

In the last version of ToonBoom When I imported a background image it would automatically become transparent, which made animating it very simple. however after purchasing the new version, the imported image stays solid. Now I need to figure out tricks to work with this like only using a bright color to animate with. is there a way to make my background image transparent so I don’t need to continue working around this? I’ve checked online and only found information on how to fade something in the animation as an effect. I’m not looking to make an effect, I’m looking to animate on a dark image by bringing it’s opacity down. There should be a simple way to do this. I know others that have asked about this and it seems like a strange feature to take away from ToonBoom.

Thank you

Not 100% sure what you are getting at here but when you click on the image and look at the properties window is there an alpha setting? Usually that will alow you to make a dark image into different shades of transparent.

I’m actually not seeing an alpha setting in the properties tab. maybe I should double check updates on my version.

What are you importing your graphics as? Possible to try importing as a different type of file?

I’m importing jpegs. I’ll try others. When I import footage like quicktime it lets me change the alpha. In the end I may find myslef making a second background in photoshop with lower opacity and work with that and switch them once I’m done animating over it.

Sounds like a good work around. Good luck.