Animating on 2's

Hey folks,

I’ve worked on a few animated TV shows (Ruby Gloom, My Little Pony, Grossology, etc…) and most of the studios that create these shows use Adobe Flash. Some of the people at these studios are insanely clever, and one such person actually created a plugin in Flash that would take your motion-tweened animation and convert it to 2’s (think 12 frames per second instead of 24) while maintaining the original timing, ie. it would automatically set every frame to a keyframe, delete every other keyframe, and remove the motion tweens.

The keys would end up something like this: Frame 1, frame 3, frame 5, frame 7, etc…

I’ve done this in Animate, where I take an animated scene, convert the entire thing to keys, then delete every other key, but I’ve gotta do this manually, which, depending on the scene length, can take a LONG time.

Is there some sort of script or method for taking animation and converting it to 2’s in the way that I’m describing? Specifically cut out animation, since I know that classical animation done in Toonboom Animate has a setting for specifying how long each drawing should be held.


Somewhere here on the forum, I can’t find it at the moment, is a script you can use to convert motion tweens into keyframes every two frames. Maybe you can do a search and find it.

Here’s the thread I was talking about with the script. There’s a link in the 7th post by Steve Masson.;action=display;threadid=3621

Didn’t word that properly. Many TV shows nowadays are produced with Flash, but I’m fully aware that Ruby Gloom and Grossology were produced with Harmony - You were the one that trained us to use the software in the first place, Lilly! :slight_smile: I remember that week of training at Mercury Filmworks like it was yesterday; The head turn using tweens and morphing, the cool patch tool for fixing that characters elbow… Good times.

Zebtoons, thank you so much for finding that link, and Lilly, thank you for trying that script out to see if it works in Animate. I’ll post up after I’ve tried it out and let you know if it works or not.

- DJ

And… it works!

First time I tried, it removed my easing on the beginning of the animation, but preserved the easing at the end. 2nd time I tried it, it maintained the easing completely on both ends. (was using ‘set ease for multiple parameters’ both times)

What a time saver this is going to be - Excellent! Thanks again folks :slight_smile:

I know that we have a script for Harmony that will do this. I will verify here whether it will work on Animate.

I am very surprised when you say Flash with reference to Ruby Gloom and Grossology, since both those shows were done with Harmony…