Animating Objects on a Layer (p. 298)

I’m trying to move an object on a layer (see page 298), but I think some important informations are missing. How is the green area in the Timeline view obtained (with Extend exposure?) And the red line in the camera? If I do what is written, nothing happens.

With one drawing-exposure on frame one / move your time-slider to frame 60.
Right-click frame one / Extend Exposure… / select the Camera-View.
Move your time-slider back to frame one / select the Transform Tool (7).
Select the Drawing-Layer in the Timeline / move your object in the Viewport into the first position.
A keyframe (black square) appears at frame one.
Move your time-slider to frame 60 / move your object in the Viewport into a new position.
A keyframe appears at frame 60 connected by a black line.
Play your animation.

Thank You Nolanscott!