Animating KO position on multiple deformation chains

Suppose I have a leg drawing with a bone deformation. This deformation has two deformation chains, “1” which starts at the hip and ends at the ankle, and “2” which starts at the ankle and ends at the hip. I switch between the two to animate a walk.

When animating a stride, I use 1 until the foot makes contact and then switch to 2 through the up position so the foot will stay planted in place. When the foot lifts up through the passing position until it contacts again, I switch back to 1.

I would like to child a foot drawing to the leg deformation using a Kinematic Output node. The foot will be bound to the ankle at 1, but when I switch to the 2 chain, it will swing around as it is bound to the hip, which is now the new end of the chain.

Is there a node which will allow me to animate which bone on each chain the Kinematic Output node is parented to? I thought it would be the Transformation Switch, but I could not find a way to configure this node to do that.


Hi Araya!

To achieve this, you will have to dig into your deformation groups a little bit.

First, go inside your deformation group and look for the transformation that you want to use for the attached foot. You will pull out a connection from that group and bypass the transformation switch to bring it outside the group. Don’t disconnect the current connection, just bring out a second one like in the image below

Then, you will only attach that new output to your kinematic to replace that connection. The kinematic will now only be attached to this deformer, so the foot will no longer be affected by the thigh/hips.