Animating Individual Points of a Polyline Object / Harmony Premium

Hi Guys,

is there a way to animate individual points of a Polyline Object?
For example if you have a triangle - can you let one point move around to make the object morph?

On the long run I would like to use it to speed up cell animations of characters, that I built with the polyline tool
or manipulate body parts during a “normal” point A to point B movement animation.


You could take a triangle and then put an envelope deformer on it. You would place a point for the deformer on each point of the triangle. Then you can manipulate the points of the envelope deformer and even drag out the tangent handles and get the triangle’s straight edges to curve in or out, morph how you want it over time.

The Envelope Deformers are only in Harmony Premium. Genevieve has a video on this in her Rigging 2 course in the Learn Beta. If you go to the 3:30 mark here in this video you can see an example of using an envelope deformer on a character’s body part.

That’s a good answer.

Thank you scungyho :slight_smile: