Animating for Income

In the past six months or so I’ve been working with the good folks at Genius Rocket on several of their requests for advertising proposals. Marketing companies submit their advertising needs to them and then they give us the details. It’s an interesting concept that has potential, but the animators are under-represented.

Thanks Will, that’s a great link.

I was just talking to one of my colleagues who also teaches multimedia. She is hoping to get a program going with our students to work marketing, graphics, production, and sales into our curriculum. Something like this gives us a model.

Might also give me some summer work!

Hi Calico Monkey. This is one of the many sites that are single handed killing the design industry. Not only you have to work for free and submit your work to voting but the prices are really really low. Thank you but no, I do not like to work for free and let alone compete with a bunch of newbies that don’t know that by doing this they are degrading our trade.

Graphic Designers work for money and we do need to pay our bills, this things make me mad.

Sorry but I still have dignity and the rest of the guys out there should do the same.

Javier F

Of course I support this reaction. I don’t have the qualifications, am not a lawyer, but I know that int the past by getting united ( in the US) cartoonists managed to preserve their interests in the newspapers environment.
Is it possible to do the same in the internet world ? I should hope so.

You have a point, and I think its especially vexing when you understand how much effort it takes to produce a 30 second piece of quality animation.

I have a day job, and so far I still consider myself a hobbyist (despite spending on software and equipment), but I look and look too see if there is any opportunity.

And for me, if I ever get in the business its got to be on my terms …since I’ve long dismissed the idea of going to school for years and working my up from the bottom.

However, I see the business much like any in America today. Much of the people with control have never drawn a circle in their life, and their dream is to have a market for their product on the one hand …while having millions of workers fighting for a job at their company!!

The holy grail …is the “American Idol” …model …where millions line up and wait for days in the cold to get a chance to show their talent.

A situation appealing to kids who are mostly naieve, and to some old timers who think you need to starve for 10 to 15 years because they did coming in the business.

When I worked with software developers back in the 90’s I saw a similar situation that I could not help but blame the workers for. Back when the internet was relatively new, several individual with no formal training was raping large coorporations (and some small businesses) because at the time everyone thought they needed online prescence and many middle and older managers was intimidated by the technology!!

So we had some 18 year old kid doing contract work and demanding $100 ++ an hour …to set up a web site!! It had to stop… and after Y2K many companies were fed up of being raped!! So …in comes the Chinese and the Indians …working for $15/hour and sweeping away the greed!!

Now the pendulum has swung too far in my estimation …as companies keep looking for cheaper and cheaper labor …thus we see the situation we have today!

Personally I think …if I was to get in the business I got to somehow produce something by myself and sell it directly to the public.

If I have to have some lackey …judge me … why not just keep doing my regular job?

Animation is enjoyable to me now …why allow some fat turd to take that away from me… as he try to work me to death for nothing while he pockets the fruits of my labor and enjoy himself?