Animating fluid movement

I am using Animate Pro 3 and I’m wondering if anyone has any advice for animating something like a fish, which doesn’t have specific joints but would move with a fluid motion like a fish tail

Hi gradywoodruff,

you may have discovered this video, not for TB3 but maybe useful, until a better response comes along :smiley:

( If link doesn’t show its a Youtube Vid, add this watch?v=L3HYaMM3vtI to youtube address.

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I know, old post but I just started here and this could help someone looking for information on this topic.

This is a theory and how I would try this. Fish appear to move through a serpentine tube if viewed from the top. So, whatever movement you create in the body should coincide with moving them through the serpentine path viewed from the top.

It is similar to a walk cycle. When the legs and feet move you expect the body to be propelled across the ground at a certain rate and along a certain path.

The fluidity of fish movement comes from the bend of the body as though it were flowing through this serpentine tube while the body moves forward at a certain rate.

If this is not exactly how it works in a real fish I think this approach could render a sufficient activity to represent the fluidity of fish swimming through water.

As you are building the animation you should flip between front and top views to monitor the action insuring that the object complies with the objective.