Animating eyes within a head symbol

Just curious to hear about how others go about animating eyes that are in a head symbol.

I’m using Animate Pro2 and I’ve inserted all the facial features of a character into a head symbol.

Because there are so many layers to the eye - pupil, lids, whites - as opposed to single layers for nose, mouth and eyebrows, I thought it would be safer and cleaner to combine all of each of the eye elements into 2 left and right eye symbols, especially when I’m animating all the facial features into various expressions within the head symbol.

Now I know I’m going to have to animate within the eye symbols for eye blinks and pupil movement, etc, and then have to expose them accordingly, but at least the eyes will be distinct units when they’re animating/tweening outside in the head symbol.

Hope that makes sense.

Any feedback would be most appreciated.