Animating character that has substitution

Hi. I am new to Harmony and have a question about animation pipeline of character. I dont know how to ask properly so i just describe the process and what i don’t understand.
I have a character that has 3 substitutions. 1) left. 2) 3/4 and 3) front
It is divided into 20 layers, for example.
They all are parented so i can animate it. This step creates very long hierarchy in layer window.
It has to walk from left part of frame to right and turn towards us.
While it walks there is articulation with hands and etc.
as i understand i have to use substitution 1 for walk cycle from 1 frame to 50 and extend the exposure of 1 drawning of all layers.
Substitution 2 for 3/4 from 50 to 70
And substitution 3 for front from 70 to 100

So the question is if i have to manually select each drawing layer ignoring all pegs and bones and change its substitution to next or there is easier way? For example some additional slider that will change all substitutions in one click?
Thank you

Use Master-Templates with the associated Action-Templates…

Appreciate your help

Thank you