Animating Brushstrokes

I’m not much of an animator or even an artist, but what I would like to do is use some overlay animation along with video I am making for a video podcast.

What I’d love to do is create something that would recreate that “draw on the screen-picture” effect that football commentators will sometimes do. I would be fine if I could take a still-frame and animate some brush-strokes over it, although animating over a moving background would be cool. (This could be done with a greenscreen in my video editing, but I might need to fiddle a bit to keep the animation synched correctly with the background.)

So, can ToonBoom animate brush strokes? If so, how would I go about it?

My cheap-o fallback plan is to use a cheap screen-capture tool to record my drawing on a blank canvas in some photo/picture drawing program…

Hi Happycamper-

To do this in TBStudio, my approach would just be having the complete version of what will be “drawn” on screen on it’s own layer, then I would animate a simple clipping effect on another layer that reveals it with the timing I require to match the video.

If you can break down your live action stuff to individual frames, you can import the series of images into an image element and get your placement and timing for the “reveal matte” spot on.

Info on mask effects is in the help files under Contents/Creating Effects/Clipping Mask Effects/

Good luck with your project. Cheers,