Animating an animated symbol

Hey community,

I am a newbie in Toon Boom coming from Flash and even after hours of tutorials and some research in the user guide, I couldn’t figure out the following thing:
I have a symbol with a character doing a walkcycle nested in it. I put it in my timeline and let the character walk across the screen from A to B using a keyframe tween like I would do in Flash.
If I decide the character should arrive faster at B I drag the keyframe for position B from frame 20 to frame 15. Now the drawing substitution of the symbol is mixed up and frame 15 of the scene timeline shows frame 20 of the symbol. This is pretty bad for the walkcycle because it now shows frames in a not successional order …13,14,20,15,16,…,18,19,19,21,22,…
Is there any possibility to have the symbol always playing its frames in the right order no matter how I manipiulate the tween (without having to redo the whole thing or adjusting every frame substitution by hand)?


Sounds like some confusion between what you’re actually moving and what you intended to move. If you move a drawing cel which is flagged as a keyframe the drawing will move with it.

1) You could try deleting the keyframe without deleting the cel, then recreating the keyframe at the desired position.
2) There’s something to be said for having the motion keyframes on a separate layer from the drawings i.e on a Peg.

Hope this is of some help.


Thank you very much!
Guess in Flash the drawing cel doesn’t move with the keyframe unless you want it.
Moving it on a peg was the function I was looking for.

Yes I definitely suggest using a peg layer for this. :slight_smile: