Animating a man on a bicycle.

Hello, I am quite new to AnimatePro and have the following question: I made a man, complete with IK skeleton and a seperate bike. Now I want to put them together, but 1 leg of the man must behind the frame of the bike, the rest in front of. How can I do that? I made the man and the bike as a grouped element and saved it as a template.

Can I put this directly in a larger scene, where the man is supposed to bike through?

How can I made the rotations of the feet using IK?

Many thanx!


1) I would approach this by concentrating on the z axis. all parts of the leg closest to the viewer should have a higher z value than the bicycle, all parts on the leg furthest away from the viewer should have a lower z value than the bike.
2) To animate it in IK see the IK Toonboom video.
3) May be easier to use the transform tool to animate it or use a mixture of IK and transform.
4) May be easier to have feet with pedals attached
5) You will be able to use the results in any number of scenes but watch out for the z value in the backgrounds.


I recently had to do a guy on a bike and it was a trip setting it up. One tip I might make is to include the pedal on the foot layer. That way, they match up perfectly. So the center of the chain gear, with its two arms, is one layer that rotates every 2 frames: 0, -60, -180, -240. Then, every 1 frame: -300, -330, 0 To complete the cycle and begin again. I think I put the back arm on a separate layer so it could go behind the bike.

Thanx for all the answers. That will work for me!

The only issue is, that I changed z values in the beginning, but actually the are keyframed now. So the man is in the start ok. but the changes of values flipped the legs to the front and backwards.

I couldn’t finf where those keyframes are. I have a rig with a LEG-PEG and a Right-leg-PEG and so on. I keyed those one in time on the z-values I guess??

Who can help me out?

If you want to see where the keyframes are, then you can click on the + sign on the peg layer and it will show all the individual functions on there. You can then clear out the keyframes on the z only if you like.