Animating a line being drawn

I don’t know much at all about animation.

Using Toon Boom Studio --if I wanted to make it look as if a line was being drawn,

1) could I place a dot in the drawing/animation window
2) then place a line in the window – with one end of the line on the dot
3) and then have the program generate all the in-between frames – that is, so it appears that a line 'grows" (so to speak) from a dot to a long line?

Thanks for any help,

You might like and check out JK’s “Subtractive animation Technique”…


Very cool !! I always wondered how that was done. Thanks Nolan !
This will certainly come in handy.

But on more simple shapes, such as a straight line — will Toon Boom Studio generate the in-between frames if I draw a dot and then a line? Can it generate the in-between frames, without having to make progressive cuts from the long line?

Also — along these lines – if I had a small circle and a big circle – can it give me the in-between frames to make it look as if the circle is growing, so to speak — or rather, being resized from a small circle to a big circle ?

In particular — I’m looking to simulate a person drawing basic vector objects on an iPad – as is done with CAD (computer assisted drafting). Mind you – I don’t need the person in the animation. But rather, only what the screen looks like as a person drags his/her finger across the screen to generate these basic objects. I’d really like to avoid doing it frame by frame.

I may be way off base — but I think I’m looking for a tweening feature ?

Any help would be appreciated,

Thanks again,

I called Toon Boom tech support.
They said the feature I am looking for is Morphing — which is in Animate & Animate Pro.

Thanks again for the help Nolan.