Animating a drawing without pegs?

Let’s say I have one layer of 10 drawings. I want drawing 10 to move across the screen over 48 fr. So I make drawing 10 a key, extend it for 48 fr and make the last frame another key. When I engage the “animate” button and translate the second key to a new position all the other drawings on that layer move with it.

How do I reposition a key without repositioning all the other drawings on the layer? Thank you.

Did you look at the first tutorial on this page? Can that answer your question?

No, that didn’t answer it. I have a different situation that that tutorial: one layer of 10 “straight-ahead” animated drawings, with a keyframe on the 10th drawing so I can animate drawing 10 across the screen. Do I have to put the keyframed drawings on a separate layer?

The way you describe above is the way to do it. Not sure what you are not doing.

Let’s try in detail:
-You have a layer in the Timeline called A
- You draw 10 different images so you end up with drawing A-1, A-2, A-3, etc.
- You make sure that the Animate button is activated.
- You move to image A-10, press F6 to create a keyframe. A black dot appears in the layer on that cell (A-10).
- You go to the last frame of the scene (ex: 60). You press F5 to extend the timing of A-10. Press F6 to add a keyframe there also.
- Now you have 2 black dots and a line between them indicating that it’s a non-stop motion section between the 2 keyframes.
- In the Camera view, you use the Transform tool with the layer A still selected, you move the image to the right.
- now if you do play you should see your A-10 move across the screen between frames 10 and 60.

Your description is exactly right, and that works perfectly if I only move the second KF. I see now that was moving the 1st KF, the first instance of drawing 10, and that that does make a difference.

So, the rule is that we can’t move the first KF in a sequence like this without affecting the position of the previous drawings in that layer. Is that right?


Thank you both, for clearing that up for me.

That’s correct. If you wanted to keep the previous drawings in place, then you could put a placeholder keyframe on the drawing previous to the first keyframe. So in other words, put a keyframe on drawing 9 just to hold it in place.