Animating a day-to-night color transition

Hello there!

Anyone have an idea of how to accomplish this? I have a scene drawn out with many layers, with Day and Night clones of the palette used for this.

I know that the Color Override module cannot be animated over time, so what could be a solution for having my bright sunny day scene fade into the night colors? I’m trying to avoid cloning the entire group of layers just so I can run the cloned layers through a Transparency module, because that would complicate the scene. I’d really like to avoid doing that, but if it’s the only way… well, I will sadly just have to do it then!

Before I resort to that, can anyone offer me a solution?


  • Bill

You can use a Color Scale module to animate a color change. Or, what I did in my Story of Thanksgiving animation (1:47), have two identical background scenes–day and night–and do a fade transition out of one and into the other. I used vector art for the background but you can do the same with bitmap. The fade was done in a video editor, Sony Vegas, by overlapping the two scenes for however long you want the transition to be.

Well the best way to do it is as you are probably already doing… Clone the element, make a cloned palette for your night colours. Fade out the original element using the day palettes and reveal the cloned element using the night palette.

Since this can get a little complicated when using a cut-out character - a simplified method might be to render part of the scene while the character is using the original palette and render the rest of the scene after switching the character to use the cloned palette.