Animating a curving line as a rope?

I am new to TBA. Can you tell me (or refer me to a tutorial) how to animate a line as a rope. It must be basic, but I cannot find the solution in the User’s Manual. The transform tool does not seem to the appropriate tool.

I have been using Animate Studio Pro and it is so easy to do with it.

I have a small project involving curving lines and moving dots.

I would appreciate your help.

Reading your question a couple of days ago, I just had to admit that such a simple task is not so easy to do really well.( As most simple tasks)

1. I would think a frame by frame is best done with the perspective tool
Copy paste last frame to the next and transform it frame by frame.
To divide the line in segments will give more freedom.
The same tecnique can be done with the cutter tool.
The select tool is more limited for this work.
2. A hierarchy of many layers with drawings of circles or ovals laid after each other can be animated as a snake with inverse cinematic.
3.Morphing can give perfect results for fluidity but can be really hard to make interesting as movements
4. Animating a centerline line frame by frame. Then go over the scene one more time; convert centerline to brushstroke and rework the line with the contour editor tool to give it a more interesting appearance.
5. Simple shapes as circles ovals or “cofee-beans” can be animated as a row passing over the screen as the different elements are moving forth and back in the 3D space.
Just for the fun of it I made a fast (and really ruff) try of 5., and a screenshot the playback.
The camera was lifted just a little to increase the feeling of 3D space.
Playback is enabled for the top-view so you can see the movement of the layers.
( sorry for the radio going loud in the background)

Maybe lines can become dots and dots become lines?
Since I can’t figure out the “perfect” solution (usually tons of hard work), I would love to hear if you find a good way.

Good luck


Thank you for the help.
So far, drawing it frame by frame seems the best solution. As I get more familiar with the software, I might find other ways of doing it.

I am planning to learn Toon Boom and after reading this i fear there seems to be no basic vector point animation functionallity?
for example to draw a line on frame one , go to frame 10 , 15 and 20 an so on and alter the vector point positions while the software interploates the movements for instant vectorline animations
this is slighty differnet from morphing and would be something i would defintely miss as i am familiar with it frome less professional animation packages already.

yes this issomething for centerline strokes i think so too.

it would definetely expand your possibilities. beyond doing basic and obvious things in a very direct and spontaneous apporach you could even benefit from it a lot for doing adjustments/finetuning to any vectorlinepoints on top/after the calculation of the new deformation tools.
giving you total control over the outlines of a characters arm outline while bending for example.

I think you can do this, while you can easily do point animation with morphing, lots of people like to be able to do diretly.

You can either draw it frame by frame, or you can try to morph it, if you’re using Animate and Animate Pro.

Using Harmony Standalone, it would be easier to do this using the Deform tool, but this tool does not exist in Animate or Animate Pro.


I can submit this as a feature request. What we do instead is we can duplicate the frame and move the points with the Contour Editor, then you can morph between them, but as you said it’s not exactly the same thing.

When I think about the implementation of such a tool, it seems like something which perhaps would work better on a pencil line than on a brush line. I’ll send it to the team to think about.