Animating a colour change along a path

Hi there,

I’m a bit of stuck with this one…

I am using Toon Boom Animate Pro 2 to create a simple animated frame. To create the frame I have drawn four squiggle lines. I want the lines to change between two colours but not change at the same time. Instead I would like the colour change to trace around the frame from top left, down to bottom left, across to bottom right and then up to top right.

My first idea was to duplicate all four lines and colour one copy red and the other blue. Then I would create four invisible masks (using the rectangle tool), which I can pass over the top of each of the lines. Then I used the ‘cutter’ effect from the module library to create the colour change. This worked fine and I was really happy with the result when I saw it in .mov and flv.

Unfortunately, when I came to export it in .swf format the effect no longer worked. The line just stayed a solid colour.

Is there another way to achieve this effect?



Any advice would be great ;D

It would take a bit longer, but you could always do this as a frame-by-frame animation.

You could have two duplicate layers, and on the top layer, have the final colour. Then you can do a new drawing on every frame, erasing bit by bit the top layer. Then reverse the images and you’re all set.