Animate's Add Texture and Feature Requests

Hi :slight_smile:
I just purchased and installed Toon Boom Animate and noticed that when you want to add a texture in the colour panel, you can only select between PSD and TGA files. It wouldn’t be better if we just select a standard image format like JPEG or PNG? I say this because I don’t have Adobe’s Photoshop, so I can’t use the PSD image format.

Then about the feature requests, I would like that Animate not only enjoys smooth integration with Adobe products like Flash and Photoshop, but with open source software as well. It would be nice if we can integrate GIMP and Inkscape for those (like me), that don’t have Photoshop and Illustrator respectively.


Hey Coche welcome to Animate! While I totally agree with you on the limited file format for textures it’s not a deal breaker. Gimp does import/export Psd so you should be good to go. Let me know if you can’t figure it out and I’ll see if I can point you in the right direction.

Thanks 14g, I forgot that GIMP can also export PSD, rather than only import it.

Although export it in PSD is not the right workaround in all the situations. I was watching the tutorial in which Limpa is celebrating a happy new year, and the scene was setup in Photoshop, using “Group Layers”. Unfortunately GIMP doesn’t handle group layers :frowning: