animatePro2 strange column list

When adding a column list to the xsheet it opens up like a dobble window inside the xsheet. One window contains the column list the other is blank.
When you collaps the blank by pressing the small arrow both the blank and the column list go to the side.When you press the reverse arrow both come back.
When you press the arrow on the column list the column list dissappears and you have to reopen it through the view command in the xsheet meny.
This is not a big issue, but of course every centimeter of the interface counts.
It all ends up with a smaller drawing view.Now it covers the xsheet(in my setup) and I can only see one drawing column (max drawing window)instead of two if the extra window was not there.
Is this only on my computer or is it showing the same on others?
Best regards

In the XSheet there are three sections. By default only the first one (the columns that correspond to the element layers) is visible.

If you click on the arrow to the right of this, then it shows the next section over. This section is for function columns. So, if you have a drawing layer for example and there’s a keyframe that you’ve created with the transform tool, when you have that drawing layer selected this section will not be blank. It will show the function columns associated with that layer.

The next section to the right is the column list.

What it sounds like is that you want the element columns and the function list without displaying the function columns section. You can do this by clicking twice on the little right-facing triangle on the right to show all three sections. Once you have all three sections visible, click on the left-facing triangle between the function columns and the column list, and the column list will expand over the function columns, hiding that section.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Lilly
Thanks for your answer.
But it does not change the fact that dobbling up the with of the column list is not giving me any new information. The column list shows the same information either its covering the function column or not.
But it takes away 2.6 centimeters of the width of screenspace, reducing the
x sheet view accordingly on my 15" screen.
The solution for me will be to turn the column list on and of, which is quite simple in fact. So no big deal , just found it strange behavior.
Best regards