animatepro2 on Asus EP121 Tablet

hello, i would like to know if it’s possible to install animate pro 2 on a tablet pc like asus ep 121 ?
thanks a lot to those who can help me

It hasn’t been tested but there are a few things that don’t sound promising.

Intel HD Graphics
Usually on board graphic cards like this don’t have a good support of OpenGL which is needed for AP2.

I don’t know about the Pen technology. Normally it takes a Wacom but maybe this would work. Check for the pressure sensitivity if it woks.

1280 x 800
This is a minor point but 800 pixels is a bit tight but if you are ok with that, it could be ok.

ah ok , thank you very much steve !
but does it works on an ipad4 ?

Haven’t been tested but I would think even less chance. It’s on ARM processor and iOS 6 operating system.

I use animate 2 on the EP121 tablet. Works great.


So you have pressure sensitivity for the pen?

No problem with gradients in the Camera view when doing playback or just drawing?

Animate doesn’t have textured brush or 3D pegs so we don’t know if it’s well supported by the graphic card.

basically any tablet/slate pc with windows 7 or windows 8 Pro (not windows RT) with an intel icore3/5/7 processor with intel HD3000/4000 intergrated graphics card or nvidia graphic and has a stylus/pen input (not just touchscreen) will be able to run any Toon Boom product (including Harmony 10 and SBpro 3D).

So far my top picks for my next slate device are

  1. Microsoft Surface Pro, 10.5" 1920X1080 screen (most likely as soon as microsoft launches this device at the end of this month, I’m going to pick this one up)
  2. Samsung ATIV SmartPC Pro 700T1C, 11.6" 1920X1080 screen (close second choice)
  3. Samsung Series 7 SlatePC, 11.6" 1366 x 768 screen (maybe if I find one at a really good price, the ATIV is basically the same device but with updated hardware)
  4. Asus EEE slatePC EP121/B121, 12.1" screen 1280X800 screen (only if I find one at a really good price…mostly because the processor is 1st or 2 gen icore)

These are pretty much the only high end Slates available that have i5core and HD4000 graphics with Pen input.

I’m just going to make a slight modification to this one to say that the graphics card should be intel 4000 or above. This is the first generation of intel chipsets to include the OpenGL extension that we use. It’s possible that you might run on a 3000 without issues, but we can’t guarantee that.

I am really looking forward to trying out the Microsoft Surface Pro, myself. I think that if we wait just a little bit longer, these really high-end tablets will hit the market that will much better suit our needs than what’s out there right now.


Yes it will be nice to see some really high ends tablets hit the market- with bigger screens even, the current max size is still a little ‘squeezy’.
I have had no probs with the EP121 and animate pro or SPpro2 , except for the rubbish wacom drivers which requires a good lot of searching to find one that works on all software.
Essentially it is a very powerful tablet for illustration and animation I was happy with it when it worked.
However it was very expensive.
I would not get the EP121 again ( if I had my time over) as it has a catastrophic design flaw or five and needs to be superseded, mine has spent more time in warranty repair than in any useful operation ( I think mine was even more lemony than most others).
TB software is nicely designed for tablet interfaces, well done for that foresight :slight_smile:
Hold out as long as you can for the next generation of penabled tablets.