Animated Short! La oscuridad te habla

Hello everyone, after a year of production, we’ve finished our animated short! It’s about 10 minutes long and done totally on Toon Boom Animate:

Check the teaser out!

You can see much more stuff if you follow us on facebook:

Thanks a lot to the Toon Boom staff for answering all the inquires we had throughout the whole project, especially Lilly Vogelesang.

clickable link

Obviously I can’t understand a thing (i have enough trouble with english!) but the backgrounds are just wonderful. I wish i could understand it.

It has closes captions! you can press con the CC button on the youtube player :smiley:

Outstanding work! ¡Fantastico!

Thanks a bunch!

congrates! great stuff… i see 3D animated objects, what software did you use for the integration?

Thanks Amin! We animated and modeled in 3DS Max and exported the animated sequence in .png files. We then imported those files in Toon Boom Animate and animated the characters/effects. :smiley:

Muy bueno! Congratulations!!