Animated Matte Generator - delete points

Hello Toon Boom stuff and users!

I am learning Compositing section on the Learn Portal and I have a question about the Animated Matte Generator. When animating the matte I faced the problem that when i move the matte some extra points appearing. I don’t need it. Tried clicking with alt and ctrl - did not help.

How can I delete them?

Thank you!


matte ui.JPG

Hi Svetlana!

I am really glad to see you are going through the Compositing journey!

You can delete points by selecting them with the Transform tool (while in Define Matte Point) and in the Animated Matte Generator toolbar (buttons at the top of the Animated Matte Generator view), click on the Delete Selected Matte Points icon.

I hope this helps!


Hi Marie-Eve!

So, first, I tried selecting them with the transform tool while in Define matte point and clicking delete on my keyboard - nothing happens.

I dont see the “Delete Selected Matte Points” icon… Only three - “Define matte point”, “Set to snap”, “Add matte point”…

I attach the screenshot to my previous post.

Sorry, I feel blind XD