Animated line texture with Colour Override seems not work on TBH21

Hi everyone,

I’m having problems trying to animate a PENCIL LINE TEXTURE through a Color Override.
None of the animation options are affecting the texture. I’ve tried “Change Pencil Texture Transformation”, “Modulate Pencil Texture Transformation” and “Texture - Use Input Peg”
This setup is working properly on Harmony 17 but nothing seems to work on 21.
I’ve tried a simpler setup with just a Drawing node, the Colour override and the animated Peg (that’s all that is in the scene along with a Comp, Write and Display) but got the same null result. The texture do not move through the line.

It looks like a bug to me, but not sure if the method has changed since I last used it. Maybe they got obsolete and replaced for a easier way (I don’t think so, but who knows).

Tested and works in TBH20Pre but not in TBH21Pre like @alesset1981 posted. Looks to be a bug, contact support and report.

Following the docs user guide.
Second drop down (>How to modify the pencil line texture).

I had the same issue but they seem to fix it in the new build