I’m quite suprised that a software especially made for the animation don’t actually propose ANIMATED GIF in the exportation formats.
Why ? is it hidden ? is the next version will propose it ?

You can just export as individual frames and composite into GIF with Gimp or whatever.

Hmm yeah, off course but it’s freaking annoying… in fact, tba try to replace flash, première, after effect or tvpaint to be the “ULTIMATE” one… but just can not replace gimp. Well, very usefull soft :smiley:

Maybe integrating gif animated in export is too freaking difficult for programers I don’t know… but it would be definitly a +

I don’t think it’s really a deal breaker… GIF animation isn’t in as great demand as stuff targeted for TV or Film or Vimeo.

yes thanks I know, i’m working on toon boom harmony since 4 years as a professional animator. And I already directed an entire show on it so I know the requests from the broadcasters. What i just mean is that kind of software should propose all the format of exportation especially when they cost this price. And as yous said gif anim is not a big deal so they could add it in the export format possibilities.

It isn’t in great demand, but it would sure be fun :smiley:

Lilly used it for her animated avatar!

I am all for adding this, especially for the studio part of the family.

I too would really like this feature added even if I only use it to make my avatars.

Yeah I agree that it would be nice to have - I’ll submit this as a feature request!