Animated game sprites/graphics in animate/animate pro


I hear so much about harmony supporting features in relation to gaming, but not so much about the animate family of toonboom.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to produce this kind of thing with the animate family, and if so can anyone provide me with some useful tips and tricks that I might benefit from concerning this if I were to pursue it?

Thanks in advance!

PS: It’d be nice to have some specialist features suiting this criteria built into animate series in the future, similar to those that harmony has, if any of the dev’s are reading. hinthint* :wink:

How long does it usually take to get a reply around here?

What types of things are you looking to do with an animation application in relation to games? Character sprites could be created by exporting out different animation sequences as individual images since most game development system will use animated sprites which are made up of individual images)… Same with effects (explosions, etc…) Movie cutscenes, but there isn’t anything specific to games there, just export out an animated movie… So what is it you’re looking for?