Animated blog entry, finally used feathering

I’m trying to get a bit looser with my animated blog entries, if for no other reason than to get them completed more frequently.

I found that the feathering in TBS4 was great for a static background (trees, in this case), but I’m still debating how to best use it for moving items. We’ll see, I suppose.

Enjoy: I Blame Richie Sambora

An informative blog posting as always, thanks Will. If possible it would be interesting to hear more about what steps and settings you use to prepare a video for display on Vimeo. (same or different from YouTube) The picture and sound quality of your cartoon was really good so I can see that you have it worked out to take advantage of the site. Thanks for blazing the trail. -JK

I’m a little disapointed with depth of field effects in TBS. It seems that you get better and faster results with Flash for that one because of the simplicity of a blur on a movie clip (and for about the same price). The trees look good in this one Will, but with Purplest of nurples, the character in the floor looks more “badly rendered” than “out of focus”. I think the effects department could be bettered in TBS. After all, the price difference with TBDP is immense, but not with Flash, which has all of those covered. Also, I need a SUPER DUPER NVIDIA card for TBS, whereas flash didn’t ask for much. I NEED MOVIE CLIPS in TB too, I hate guessing how many “CYCLES” I’m going to need for a particular animation. Say I want a windmill circling throughout all of the animation in the background. How?I’m getting the hang of TBS, but lil things like that piss me off a bit.

After the rant… Will, I absolutely love your work. Your blog entries are hillarious.

Also, Jerry, for the Vimeo thing, it’s amazing how it renders everything correctly, even if you have your animations at 12 fps, the sign up and upload take about 2 mins, and another ten for the processing of the simple mov file, with no preparation, whatsoever.

Check this simple test out:

The holds came with the original mov, so it’s not a vimeo problem. What I don’t like is that the thing doesn’t stay in caché, so if you reload the page it has to re-buffer.

Thanks Renato, I didn’t recognize your ID as rindolphus, but it is good to hear from you. I appreciate the feedback on Vimeo. -JK

Hi Rindolphus,

Couple of pointer that might help our with Toon Boom Studio:

- You do not necessarily need to have an Nvidia card for Toon Boom Studio. You should be able to easily run it with medium or low end card without much difficulties (may need to disable some features like anti-aliasing for low end ones).

-For cycling a windmill this could be easily done using the loop feature of the peg. Since it is a 360 you simply need to attach your element to a peg then do the rotation on that peg. Once done right click on the peg do a change loop and set it to 2 (just to have the looping on). From that point if you start stretching the element it will simply repeat the action you had done.

Hope the information helps.