Animate2 Minimum video size limitation ?

I wanted to create a new resolution for banners with width of 480 pixels and height of 150 pixels. As it seems, the minimum height accepted is 200 pixels, where there was no minimum limitation with the previous version of ToonBoom Animate, or at least with ToonBoomStudio.
Entering any value less than 200 in the Height entry will grey out the create button.

How can I set this value to my preferred setting ?

That does seem odd that you can’t create a custom size from the get go.

Try this, choose any preset and then go to the Scene/Scene Settings and change it to your 480 by 150 resolution.


If you create your custom resolution from the Scene Settings dialog, then you should be able to input and save any custom resolution from there. I will inform R&D of the issue regarding creating custom resolutions from the welcome screen.

Toon Boom Support