animate2 brush settings = CS3

a silly question here, I love the way the brush tool on TBA2 works, and wish I could have similar control with my Cintiq using CS3, is this possible?

Do you mean you want the brush tool in Photoshop to behave the same way that it does in Animate?

The problem is that Photoshop is a bitmap program and Animate is a vector program - so the way that the brush tools work is fundamentally different. You will never be able to get a vector line in Photoshop. You can get things like pressure sensitivity, but you won’t be able to get it to automatically smooth your line for example.

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Thanks Lily, I guess I am just spoiled now by how well the cintiq works with Animate and I was kinda hopping to be able to do similar “sketching” with CS3
I may just hafta do a single frame in Animate and export it to CS3. I am always experimenting