Animate Workflow?

Hey all. I’ve been playing around with Toon Boom Studio and now Animate for years but have never really applied myself to it. I’m itching to get right into it but keep getting held back by all the questions I have around workflow.

The question is, do you develop the whole piece start to finish in one Animate file or do you have one animate file for each scene and then put it all together in post production of some sort afterwards? Any advice on how to plan the project in terms of file management would be hugely appreciated. Sure would be nice if there was a “Your first cartoon” sort of tutorial somewhere. I’ve been through all of the tutorials available for both Studio and Animate and still feel like I don’t know how I’d go about actually setting up “My First Cartoon”.

Thanks in advance.

Although it is not the same product, there is useful documentation about workflow in Digital Pro at

In there, documentation explains the basic workflow what you need to do for Digital Animation. Unlikely Toon Boon Studio, each project in Animate is considered as a scene and you need to put them together in the post production. There is some discussion in technical section at;action=display;threadid=888;start=msg3973#msg3973 and stevemasson mentioned something that you can also review it.