Animate without move the feet

i was wondering. is there a way to animate with ik?
i know there is the “ik” tool, but its not useful.what i mean is:

what if i want to animate a character leaving the feet static?
i have tried everything, and i can’t find the way to move the other parts of the character without move the feet.

i have the character in layers, with pegs, and all parent correctly. but if i move the hip, the feet, moves too. and i want to leave those statics.

i have tried the ik tool, but nothing.

any idea?


Lily did a tip of the week about this a while back - it’s in two parts, but here’s the first one.

Basically you rig using the deform tool and use two different deforms- one that lets you lock the feet.

Lordbryce thanks for the answer.

i already seen that tip of the week. but that’s not always works…
what if (like in my case) you have the legs in differents parts (with pegs and hierarchy,and not with deform tool).

that, by the way, add deform tools, sometimes makes the workspace be really complicated! (because, when you add a new deform tool, all the elements parented to the kintetic output, just stop working!).