Animate Wishlist

Hello , here are just my top requested features I would like in Animate. Now I do realize people will argue or disagree with
any or all of these features, I might be the only one on earth
who wants this, but these are just my personal wishlist of items.

1.) Scene Manager

All the best animation software in the market use a Scene Managers.It’s one of the reasons I enjoyed moving from paper to computers. I was so unhappy to not find this in Animate or even Pro. It’s so much easier to do start-to-finish projects when you can easily test the animation for multiple scenes at a time. It’s the reason why I dont start-to-finish projects in Animate but instead use TVpaint for pencil testing which has a scene manager to animate,import the lines and use animate for everything else. Scene manager is my #1 requested feature.

2.) Open ToonBoom Studio Files


Starting projects in Toonboom studio and moving to Animate should be an option. Doesnt matter if they arent programed by same people, they are made by same company. Adobe’s products try to communicate with each other, so a professional software like Animate should at the least try to do the same.

3.) Show Gaps Mode


Because it would be great to quickly have a method of seeing open gaps without needing to see all the ugly strokes points. This mode could reserve your image as it is, but display the open area strokes as red. Quick/Simple/Easy. Makes closing Gaps much more bearable process.

4.) New Layer Colors


Layers of FX and Pegs get to become a supreme mess very quickly as scenes get more technical. It would be great if the color you set to a layer wouldnt just affect the timeline frames but also gave the option to affect the layer names/and any children within the layers themselves. Also what would help the eyes see through the messy layers some more would be different icons for different efx.

5.) Paint Inside


There would probably be more times where painting inside a selection color would be more helpful than painting Everything that has color in general. Would definitely help with shading/detailing the characters easier.

6.) Change Line Thickness to All Drawings


The ability to experiment or change the lines for ALL drawings would be greatly beneficial. Theres the Matte efx for pro users, but even that doesnt change the width for all lines. One method would be to have lines connected to a color. You assign a linethickness just for that color.

Sometimes I want an outter edge to a character thats thicker than the inside lines. I duplicate the drawings/put them underneath the layer and one by one change the line thickness of that frame. A method for applying line thickness accross multiple drawings would solve this problem, and many others for different users. It’s a great option

7.) Deleting Rough lines alternative/Cleanup Quicker


This is alitte difficult to explain. There are a number of ways to cleanup animation in Animate, but i really enjoy not always having to resort to using layers. I do realize you can delete strokes you made, which are 3 steps, select the color, select strokes with that color, and pressing delete…But I do beleive there is a way to enhance/simplify that process. My other favorite animation software, TVPAINT, has solved this problem, and I would love to see a better cleanup system created in Animate as well. Just food for thought (probably the most disputable feature request but you’d have to try tvpaint’s cleanup system to really understand how superior it is in the cleanup department)

8.) Applying EFX in Pro


I never understood why they decided to take the EFX menu out of Animate Pro. Its so much easier/quicker applying EFX with the EFX menu in Animate than by selecting a FX module, dragging it in the network, finding the right drawing, connecting it with the FX, connecting the FX with the display or whatever. It’s just more work, and I dont want to knock that approach, but I think keeping the EFX menu from Animate wouldnt hurt at anything all. Dont have to have all the fx but atleast keep the same ones from Animate in the menu.

Anyway thats my list of features I would like to see. I honestly have tried many animation packages and I believe Animate is potentially the best overall. For me, the biggest thing is the scene manager and opening toonbooms files, the rest is really just icing on the cake because I really dont think theres too much wrong with this program. Theres a lot more things I like than I dont like. I really enjoy the Animate experience alot.

I dont have a problem and agree with everything you say.

You’ve mentioned TVpaint several times, I have never heard of it but just tool a look at their site. I like how they have the tutorials and the link to download the lesson’s files. Very interesting maybe I will download the demo.

Nice job of putting this together too.

I agree on the colour coding. That would be nice.

For the paint inside if you just draw a line you can use that to just paint areas and delete the line when you finish. (or use stroke but I prefer lines)

The deleting lines from drafting seems very small (3 clicks isn’t bad for something you don’t do often). However it sounds like a script could be written to make it one click.

Anyway my additions

Allow different parts of a single drawing to have different Z depths.

Make it so you can onion skinning turned on for layers your not currently working on while the one your currently working on is off.

yeah man I’ve tried them all, any animation software you can name I’ve probably used it, loved or didnt love it (and I try to give them all a chance). Animate and toonboom are the best I’ve used so far.

Yeah try to demo. I made the image in point number 7 in tvpaint, so its great if you are a traditional animator and want that pencil look. Its a good program, Animate is superior in every area though except cleanup and managing scenes.

And our first semi disagreement begins…
lol i was ready for this lol,

well i hear everything ur saying but doesnt that kinda make the repaint brush pointless then at its current state?

The cleanup in animate could possibly be improved especially after trying the superior way in Tvpaint. But its not my biggest thing because I like to animate in tvpaint and import into Animate anyway but I do notice the cleanup is better in that program IN MY OPINIONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN lol

Well i never use the repaint, sooo that tells you what I think of the repaint tool.

I can’t really comment on the cleanup because with the stuff I do I am generally clean to start with so I don’t use it.

oh and I think 3D planes should be available in animate as well as animate pro.

3d plane ? what do u mean exactly? Like the ground plan?

being able to rotate planes to make 3d backgrounds

Only feature of Animate Pro i want. If i had that in Animate I would be VERY happy.

I thought u could rotate in z. Like in Animate Pro feature list when they build that 3d castle by rotating sides.

Ya but i only have normal animate. It is a pro only feature that I feel should be in standard(maybe I am jaded cause i want it).

The main thing about pro is the nodes system.

are you familiar with any 3d packages?

yeah I am

But i don’t want to buy one of those either.

I considered using blender since I only wanted the really similar 3D but it would be better to just do it all in 1 package.

i learned maya in college and a littl 3d max, but blender although free seems like the most complicated thing I ever saw.

But yeah i understand, maybe u can save up and get pro. For the price of pro i recently just bought a new computer so I wont be buying pro anytime soon.

What it really comes down to.

Is it is a hobby for me. I don’t expect to make money from it.

Spending $1000 on a hobby is just stupid when think of all the rack gear i get from my studio with that.

I bought a new computer too (part of my studio upgrade). An Alienware which changes colours, really appeals to the little kid in me :smiley:

Yeah i want to do this for a living myself. Do tv/film.

Alienware, arent those like those really expensive custom gaming computers?

My new computer is a sony vaio labtop, i 7 processor, so its really great, great nvdia geforce card : D How bout you?

Alienware isn’t anywhere near as expensive as you think. They just have the rep and people don’t even both comparing price, however mine was pretty expensive.

Alienware Area 51
i7 960 3.2Ghz
24 gig Ram (yes I got that for a reason)
geforce GTX 295
Lots of fast hard drives

Basically it is mainly for my music but obviously it will be good for Animate too.

wow man, thats incredible. 24 gigs? I didnt even know that was possible. Thats a desktop right? I got this labtop because I hate working on my desktop, it felt like jail working in the same place all the time for me. I wish I had waited and got a tablet pc, but at the time they didnt have any good i7 tablet pc’s for drawing on the screen. I use my cintiq and to draw on screen, and intuos 2 when traveling.

yeah it is new, used to be 16 max. Definitly a desktop.

However most programs cap 12Gig usage anyway so for more people it is pointless.

It is also liquid cooled so no fans which is a bit plus for me.

I have an alienware laptop for travel (yeah i like the brand ok).

The place where my “study” is really large and i like being with my guitars :stuck_out_tongue:

Toon Boom should can import 3D object such as 3ds/.obj.

I think 3d import is a harmony feature.