Animate vs DPro/Solo

i want to know whats the main difference between them , which is better and why ?

Check the product comparison at

Just tried Animate, after so long been there on my computer! My comment is "WOW!! It is definitely not Digital Pro but it has what it takes to create an animation and much cheaper too!!"
Congratulations to ToonBoom team for such an effort!!! You made it guys!

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I like Animate, having fun using it. And as I said before Animate have every capable aspects in creating animation. But, I am using Harmony too (in a workplace) & from my point of a view the network and separation between line art and color art, also advance scanning feature that able to register peg holes is a view things that I still missed while using Animate.
So, maybe for the future upgrade???

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You have line art and color art in Animate by the way. You just have to go in Preferences> General > Use Advanced Art Mode.

You can also do peg hole registration when you vectorize (Import Drawings…) you just have to choose Optical Registration and put the resolution you had scanned the images initially.

It doesn’t have the fast scanner support of Harmony for sure but then it’s not the same concept as a software. Harmony is made for high volume production.

Wow, thanks. I guess I missed that in the guide :wink:

Having used the PLE version of Digital Pro, I miss the textured brushstrokes that allow your line work to look like pencil or charcoal (or can you replicate that by using a texture fill in Animate?) and, if I remember correctly, the ability to have the opacity of the brushstroke vary with stylus pressure. That makes it much easier to sketch out a rough pencil test, as you can start with a light line and then make it heavier as you get a better feel for how you want your drawing to look, just like drawing with a real pencil.

However, you can’t have everything.