Animate visibility or opacity

Hi guys,

Is it possible to animate the visibility or opacity of a layer?


No, you would need to duplicate the panel and set the transparency
differently on the duplicates to simulate it.

Ok, thanks!

That would be a nice feature to add for the next version then!

I agree with calcif3r, it’s a must!

Having to make an extra panel to let’s say change the face expression of a character means having to duplicate the panel, modify already existing keyframes to get a continuation between the previous frame and the new duplicated one. It’s just a whole lot of work just to do something that could potentially be a one/two click action on a layer.

Keying opacity of a layer just gives you so much more animation possibilities and saves a whole lotta time.



I agree! This program has so much room for improvement.


Adding it to the functionality of the transform tool would be a good addition.

It is not possible.

When will this „feature“ be available? It should be standard because it’s a simple and common used option!

It is possible!
Animate the layer properties of your drawing. (advanced > opacity values)
Done. :wink:

This isn’t helpful because that menu map doesn’t seem to exist.
Can you be more specific?