Animate vector points

Hello Toon Boom,

It would be fantastic to be able to animate vector points! I often make a copy of a drawing and adjust the vector points to morph between the original and the copy. Morphing often causes trouble. With vector point animation the morphing insecurity is removed. Since it is the same vector points in a new position and maybe with new curve adjustments. No surprises. All the points know where they are going. And easy to adjust if they become lost on the way. No need for the computer to think in a morphy way.

Please make it come true!

Hell yes!

Hello forum members,

I couldn’t agree more. Animatable vector points, including bezier handles and contour points, would be a very powerful asset to have in Toonboom! Does anyone know if there are plans to implement it in the future?

My current workaround is to bind all my vector art under curve deformers. However, with to much deformation, this distorts the fill of my drawings. So another idea would be an “interactive fill” module that fills the drawing (with a gap closer) afterwards, after deformations are applied. I would like to hear other people’s thoughts on this!